Production facilities

Our dedicated production facilities in China enable us to be flexible and to maintain a high quality. By managing the complete process from product development to production we are able to keep our leading position and give the ultimate service

Private label

We deliver value for retailers by offering a strong portfolio of private label party products. Retailers can distinguish themselves by private labels. We develop and produce tailor-made concepts and products. Our expertise encompasses everything, from innovative new ideas, design, production,

Quality control

Our Quality Assessment Team guards the production processes by high European regulations likes EN-norms and by BSCI standards. We are fully committed to those standards. With our in-house testing facilities and continuous training of our quality control team we can

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Hereby some movies from our products that can help you using them.   Helium bottle

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What customers say about Tradefinder

We had no worries about our products. Tradefinder made sure the quality was right and it was in time in our warehouse. For us no stress.

Mr. Roy Randall CEO Star Retailgroup

Great productdevelopment, but also the packaging. The innovative products did our sales grow in this category by 22% !

Mrs. Neli Demitrov Buying dep. Fatastico

Our products

Our products

We develop a large variaty of products, all based arround party. From cups, plates till hats and costums. Hats, wigs and costumes Accessoires   Balloons     Tableware    

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